World Rotaract Week

Every year, Rotaractors and Rotarians around the world celebrate World Rotaract Week during the week of 13 March to commemorate the founding of the first club in 1968.

World Rotaract Week is a time for celebrating the success and importance of the Rotaract program. This event is also an excellent opportunity to inform members of your community about the amazing work that Rotaract clubs do, and give them an opportunity to get involved.

Rotaract clubs and their sponsor Rotary clubs have the freedom to explore a variety of methods of participating in World Rotaract Week. Rotaractors can decide the best way for their club to celebrate the Rotaract program – completing one, two or an entire week’s worth of activities. After the club has completed its World Rotaract Week commemorative events, the sponsor Rotary club or district Rotaract chair can download a certificate of recognition for presentation to the Rotaract club.

New Kingston Rotaract Club hosted their annual Wing Sauce Contest on March 2 2013 and provided a great fellowship of Rotaractors and Rotarians.


The Rotaract Club of University of Technology won the contest with a otaheiti apple base sauce.



The Rotary Club of Ocho Rios East placed second, and the Rotaract Club of St. Andrew was third shown below respectively.



The Rotary Club of New Kingston was represented in the contest by PE Mark Nelson and Rtn Peta-Gay Pryce. 
PP Godfrey Boyd was the Chief Judge, and Secretary Lloyd Butler assisted with photography.



International Rotaract News

Ukraine young people serve their communities through Rotaract
Rotary News -- 11 March 2013  

Two decades after the first Rotary club was chartered in Ukraine, the country’s youth have embraced Rotary in a big way.

ImageUkraine now has 24 Rotaract clubs — Rotary’s service clubs for people ages 18 to 30 — many of them focusing on the challenges facing the country today. In Kyiv, Rotaractors in the capital city’s four clubs collaborate often on service projects, including a campaign to draw attention to the plight of stray animals.

Members of the Rotaract Club of Kyiv Multinational take time to honor their elders (see gallery above): For nearly three years, they’ve been visiting a nursing home in Peremoha, about 40 miles away.

“These are the people who did their best for future generations, for us, to live in a free country,” says club treasurer and past president Taras Mytkalyk. “We wanted to fill their lives with a feeling of being needed.”

The Rotaract Club of Kyiv-Centre promotes health and wellness through an HIV awareness campaign, and has worked with Rotaract clubs in Russia, Belarus, Germany, and Romania to raise over US$13,000 to equip a medical center in a rural village in Ukraine.

ImageRotaract clubs are either community or university based and sponsored by a local Rotary club. World Rotaract Week, 11-17 March, commemorates the 1968 chartering of the first club, in North Carolina, USA.

During the week, Rotaract clubs are asked to partner with their sponsor Rotary clubs on a service project and to encourage a nearby Rotary club to sponsor a new Rotaract club in the area. Also, members of the Rotaract and sponsor clubs are encouraged to attend each other's meetings.