In keeping with the RI theme “Reach within to embrace humanity,” the Rotary Club of New Kingston invites nomination for its annual Gary Grant Vocational Service Awards. The award is presented in 2 categories, namely;

1.    One award to a Rotarian who has excelled in his/her chosen vocation in the service of humanity; and

2.    One award to a non-Rotarian (individual or organization) whose contribution to the vocation to which he/she/it is attached has been exemplary.  


To be eligible for the award to a Rotarian, the nominee must satisfy the following criteria:

1.    Distinguished him/herself in chosen vocation;

2.    Actively participate in his/her club activities;

3.    Be In good standing in his/her club;

4.    Be a member of a Rotary Club for at least five years.

5.    Served in the area of Vocational Service at some level in his/her club. 

To be eligible for the non-Rotarian award , the nominee (individual or organization) must demonstrate the following attributes:

1.    Leadership of the highest standard and a proven track record in the chosen vocation;

2.    Exemplification of the Rotary spirit of “Service Above Self;

3.    Involvement at the community level in activities connected to or associated with chosen vocation;

4.    High ethical and moral standards displayed in performance/work related to the chosen vocation.