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There were two parts to the Medical Mission held in Jamaica in October.

The first was the Rotary Club of New Kingston Health Fair 2013 held at the Constant Primary and Jr. High School on October 19th 2013.


The fair started officially at 9:30 am however scores of parents and children had gathered from as early as 7:00am.


The local team was lead by Rtn. Dr. William ‘Bill’ Aiken and VP. Professor Marvin Reid. 

In attendance there were five (5) other doctors from the University of the West Indies:

Dr. Anthony Alexander

Dr. Tamara DeSouza

Dr. Carolyn Thomas-Boyd

Dr. Karen Phillips

Dr. Ella Aiken


The medical team led by PDG Connie Sparks was also in attendance consisting of:

7 Rotarian Dentists, 

6 Optometrists - Rotarians

2 medical doctors and 22 other volunteers, including opticians who support the dentists, optometrists, and medical doctors.


A total of 238 patients were seen by both the local and overseas medical teams.

There were 12 Rotary Club of New Kingston members present at the Health fair along with 10 New Kingston Rotaract Club members.


Though it rained heavily from 11am to  2:00pm the fair was a resounding success.

The overseas medical team them moved to Hopewell to set up the clinic for the week.

Monday October 21 was the first day of the mission proper. 

On reaching the mission centre at the St John Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, long queues were already formed by people who were seeking medical attention and this was to be the norm for the days that followed.

The organizational and technical expertise was evident right off the bat as the mission team began to install their dental and optical equipment in the class room of the basic school to the rear of the church and the dental clinic belonging to Rotarian Jim.

The dental team performed procedures ranging from extractions, cleaning, filling as well as general examination and advice. 

This was done for both adults and children and the team saw and treated 750 patients over the 5 days.

General medical examinations were done along with blood pressure checks. 

Prescriptions were written for some patients who required medication.

The medical team saw and treated 500 patients over the 5 days.


All forms of optical screening and examinations were done to persons of all ages, ranging from pre-schoolers to senior citizens (80+ years old). 

The optical specialist indicated that close to 100% of 900 patients seen required glasses and reading glasses were given to more than 100 persons.

Prescriptions for 412 glasses  are currently being processed by a local optical company and these will be given, free of cost to patients who were seen and treated at the health mission.

An estimated economic value of the Medical Mission, including the Constant Spring Primary Health Fair totaled approx. JA$25million (US$250,000) is as follows: 

Dental - JA$4.7m

Optical - JA$16.4m (includes examination cost,  prescription glasses, reading & sun glasses, solutions)

Medical - JA$2m

Other expenses such as lodging, food, tours, - JA$1.9m


The medical mission saw the engagement Rotarians and non-Rotarians from across the globe, Japan, Australia, Denmark, Brazil and the USA.

The local Rotary clubs were also engaged. 

They included the Rotary Club of Savanah-la-Mar (AG Christine and her team - administrative support and refreshment), Black River (Pres. Lloyd and his team - Refreshment and tours) and the host club, the Rotary club of New Kingston. 

The University of the West Indies was also engaged in the mission by way of its school of Dentistry who provide two dental students. These  students assisted in providing dental care to patients and gained valuable hands on experience.