PP Danny is serious about his time. Always the first in attendance, never let it be said that time his time is not money. We caught up with PP Danny for a quick chat and learned a few things. We think you'll learn something too. Enjoy!

1. What positions have you held in the club?
I have held the positions of President (2000-2001), Vocational Services Director (1991-1992), and Sergeant-at-Arms.

2. What is your Vocation/Rotary Classification?
My Rotary classification is Accountant. Prior to retirement, I was Financial Controller for Jamaica National Building Society and later Supreme Ventures.

3. What does it mean to you being a charter member of our 30-year-old club?
I am a very proud charter member. I have seen the club at its best and worst. The worst being the tumultuous period to admit women in our club. I must say I was initially against this request but later became one of its chief proponents. I am also proud of the many projects we have undertaken over the years and have always enjoyed the camaraderie shared with members during these projects.

4. What is your wish for RCNK for the next 30 years?
My wish for our club is that we will continue to increase female membership, and remain relevant in our communities by doing worthwhile service projects. I appreciate our changing demographics now with regards to the youthful energy in membership. When I joined the club, it was an old boys club. I have since witnessed the democratizing of the women in Rotary movement and I am quite pleased with its success. The addition of younger and active Rotarians will ensure our continuity on the path we’ve charted now for 30 years. We should remain socially conscious and always work towards the betterment of our fellow citizens.

Fun Fact:
PP Danny has been Sergeant-at-Arms six times and can be considered our perennial Sarge. He has attended 6 Rotary International Conventions and 3 District Conferences.