Rotary Club of New Kingston hosted its Corporate Mixer aimed at recruiting new individual and Corporate Members.
The Rotary Club of New Kingston (RCNK) hosted an impactful Corporate Mixer at the KIA Motors showroom, on Friday (25 August), drawing more than 50 enthused participants from the corporate and business community. This event marked a significant step in promoting Rotary's values and fostering collaboration between young professionals during its membership month.

A dynamic platform for networking and engagement, the Corporate Mixer showcased the projects of the club over its 34 years. Attendees were encouraged to join the club and contribute to its diverse service projects, collectively striving to bring positive change and hope to communities across Jamaica.

President Travis Graham extended a warm welcome to all guests, shedding light on the seven pivotal areas of focus within Rotary. He outlined the remarkable achievements of the Rotary Club of New Kingston, emphasizing its dedication to making a difference in society.

District Governor Nominee William "Bill Aiken" emphasized the global impact of Rotary International, underscoring its rich history, widespread influence, and unwavering core values. Past President Marvin led engaging conversations with guests, facilitating an insightful exchange of perspectives and ideas about Rotary's mission.

KIA Motors, the second-largest selling car dealership in Jamaica, graciously hosted the event. Marketing Executive, Ricardo Palmer expressed the company's delight in partnering with RCNK and affirmed the alignment of corporate responsibility shared by both organizations. This synergistic collaboration underscores the power of service and fellowship in fostering positive change, he stated.
Assistant Governor Peta Gay Pryce, who chairs the membership committee, expertly presided over the event as the Master of Ceremonies. She contextualized the Corporate Mixer, setting the stage for a memorable evening of networking, information-sharing, and relationship-building. Pryce anticipated that guests would leave the event inspired by Rotary's mission, informed about the club's impactful projects, and better connected with fellow attendees.

Following the welcome session, participants embraced the opportunity to fete; delight themselves with scrumptious delectables and exotic beverages; participate in scintillating conversations and connect with like-minded professionals. 

The event provided a platform for sharing insights, building relationships, and exploring avenues for collaboration. Notably, several guests expressed a keen interest in becoming active members of the Rotary Club of New Kingston, highlighting the event’s success in sparking enthusiasm for Rotary’s values and initiatives.

The Rotary Club of New Kingston continues to serve as a beacon of hope and positive change, extending its reach and impact through collaborative efforts and dedicated community engagement. As the club looks ahead, it remains committed to fostering meaningful connections and driving transformative projects to create hope in the world.