PP Mitch is Mr. Charisma. We highly doubt you can find someone who will say one negative thing about him. He brings to our club a wealth of knowledge and experience, and may now be called our resident historian. We had a quick chat with him for our 30th Anniversary celebrations. Take a read. We hope you are just as intrigued as we are.
1. What positions have you held in the club?
I have held the position of President (1995-1996), as well as Community Service Director, Vocational Services Director and Sergeant-at-Arms.

2. What is your Vocation/Rotary Classification?
My initial Rotary classification was Corporate Banking. For the last 20 years however, my classification is Wholesale Distribution.

3. What does it mean to you being a charter member of our 30-year-old club?
I am happy to have maintained my membership over these many years. RCNK affords me the opportunity to give ‘Service Above Self’ so I am especially proud to be a part of the team that gave birth to our club. The club has provided me with many opportunities over the years that I am eternally grateful for.

4. What is your wish for RCNK for the next 30 years?
My wish for our club is that we continue to foster the Rotary ideals and continue to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. I look forward to seeing the younger generation take us to the next level.

Fun Fact:
PP Mitch was the club’s first Community Service Director.