PP AG is perhaps the most boastful Calabar old boy you may ever meet. Call him by his titles otherwise do not speak to him. And we say boastful with the utmost respect. See what we did there? He is a man of distinction with the gift of gab. We caught up with for a bit and learnt quite a lot. We know you will too. Enjoy!

1. What positions have you held in the club?
I have held the position of President, Treasurer, Community Service Director, and Sergeant-at-Arms.

2. What is your Vocation/Rotary Classification?
My Rotary classification is Building Society. I held several positions at the Jamaica National Building Society throughout my career such as Mortgage Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing and PR Controller, HR Controller, and Financial Controller. I then moved on to Churches Cooperative Credit Union (now First Heritage Credit Union) as its General Manager.

3. What does it mean to you being a charter member of our 30-year-old club?
I am very proud to be a charter member of our club. I feel like a proud father seeing the many changes over the years. We’ve grown from strength to strength. For me one of the better things to have happened to our club is the influx of younger Rotarians who have brought their positive energy into the club. In the early days our members were not so young. Our youthful energy now has kept us going. This energy and foresight has now allowed us to easily adapt to our “new normal” during this pandemic in embracing the technologies available to us. My group would have never adopted so well.

4. What is your wish for RCNK for the next 30 years?
My wish for our club is that we continue to grow, maintain good health and be as vibrant or even more vibrant than we are now. I would love to see an increase in membership numbers as well as a corresponding increase in attendance and membership engagement.

Fun Fact:
While holding several corporate positions throughout his career, PP AG was also an active farmer; a vocation he inherited from his father who owned and managed his own sugar cane farm.